Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tricky ABC

For those of you who don’t have one, the TiVo has a setting that allows itself to only record first run shows. That means, if the show is a re-run, the TiVo won’t pick it up. Clearly, I use this setting for most shows.

With this being said, last night I sat down to watch (what I thought were) my new episodes of Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy. Were they new? NO. They were clip shows designed to help a new audience “catch up” on the season (which incidentally, has already been done before, earlier this season.) Now, unlike some others in the online fan communities, I don’t mind the re-runs now and then – it’s a necessity of network television. HOWEVER, I don’t like it when re-runs masquerade themselves as new shows, and raise my hopes for a nice little feel-good marathon. It just makes me mad. Furthermore – I hate, hate, hate clip shows, and it doesn’t even stop there! Lost this week is a clip show for Season 2 (again, the second time this season). ABC is really on a roll with me.

Well, hopefully I can get back to watching *new* TV for the rest of the week. Here’s my prediction for “show of the night”:

Monday (TiVo’d but not yet watched): 24 (Runner Up: How I Met Your Mother)
Tuesday: Scrubs (Runner Up: The Unit)
Wednesday: Alias (Runner Up: Invasion)
Thursday: Smallville (Runner Up: Commander In Chief)
Friday: Las Vegas (Runner Up: uh... ?)

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K said...

I guess the only other problem with tivo is that since you skip through the commercials, you don't know when to expect flashback shows... "fortunately" we don't have the luxury of tivo.