Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm Getting Nervous Now

Two things made me a little queasy last night:

1. Drinking about a pitcher of beer followed by vodka on the rocks.
2. How 3 out of 8 remaining hours of Alias have passed, and how much they have left to resolve.

So now we know for a fact that it was Sydney and Jack hiding Vaughn... however, the scene just breezed by without much thought. We saw the Prophet 5 dozen - but were we supposed to have recognized any of them? I didn't see anyone familiar, so I don't care that we "saw" these random actors. Sloan got his cure for Nadia - but obviously that storyline is just getting started. And now Anna is a Sydney clone? (I hope the story isn't a clone of the season 3 finale where Lauren wore the Sydney mask and infiltrated the CIA offices.) The only thing I'll predict is that we saw the colored splotches again on the DNA Analyzer Machine (?), so whatever it is Sydney has, its likely the baby has it too.

But there a million more questions! There is no time for more questions - we need answers like every minute in the show now, if we are going to come to a satisfactory ending!!! Last night was great - Alias at its best - but there's just not enough time for that. Let's hope hour 4 brings us closer to resolution.

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