Monday, April 24, 2006

Beats the Earth, Wind & Fire Musical

I re-watched High School High, the Disney Channel musical, this weekend. Okay – I actually re-watched it about three times. I’ve decided that it not just a guilty pleasure – it’s actually a really good musical! Catchy music, on screen chemistry between the actors and a fast-moving script make this movie musical fun and easy to watch. Like this CNN article says: its Grease meets Romeo and Juliet, (although with the a little bit of a mousekateer feel.)

Although the whole time I hoping that Gabrielle, the mega-genius new student, and Troy, the cutie captain of the basketball team, get together and score the leads of the high school music, I still felt sad for Ryan and Sharpe, the established drama-club brother and sister team, whose world is turning upside down.

After the first time through, my favorite song hands down was “Get Your Head In The Game” (which had the cool basketball choreography), this time around, I just can’t get “Something I’ve Been Looking For” out of my head (and yes, they're both officially iPoded.) If you’re too far from (or like me, can’t afford to go to) Broadway, then I highly recommend you try this out.

If you secretly enjoyed movies like The Princess Diaries and Ella Enchanted (and I know some of you out there did!) then definitely watch this movie.

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J said...

there's nothing secret about my love for the princess diaries and ella enchanted! my love for mandy moore movies, on the other hand, is totally and completely embarrassing.