Monday, April 24, 2006

Beautiful People Season Finale Tonight

Yes, behind the scenes, I've been continuing to watch ABC Family's Beautiful People. The season finale is tonight, and we are left with a few questions. To prove how bad this show is, I will administer a quiz for you non-watchers (i.e. all of America), and I'd put good money that anyone in the world will be able to predict what happens tonight.

1. Who will Karan choose?
a. Rich, smooth-talking boyfriend with gelled back hair
b. Gruff photographer she's worked with all season, but really has a heart of gold

2. Who's pilfering money from the new business?
a. Dependable Lynn Kerr (main character)
b. Lynn's ex-coke addict business partner who's been shifty lately

3. Will Chris, the new studly scholoarship student with a secret past, and Sophie get together, despite the fact that it turns out that Chris is a teenage father?
a. Yes
b. No

Okay, do your best, and I'll let you know the answers after tonight's season finale. Let's just pray that the answer to Question 5 is (a)....

5. Will this show ever leave me alone and just die???
a. Yes, there is hope for M, and this show will be cancelled.
b. No, this is payback for enjoying that episode of According to Jim, and there are at least three more seasons left.


K said...

Umm... what happened to question number 4?

M said...

Question #4: True of False: K has too much time on her hands because she is proof-reading a TV blog.
a) True
b) False