Monday, April 24, 2006

What About Boring

Okay - I've really tried to like JJ's new show, What About Brian, (ABC, Mondays @ 10pm). But there's just not really anything to like about it. The characters? Shallow and unlikeable. For example, Brian, the title character, slept with two roommates in a 24 hour timespan, and we, the primarily twenty-something female audience, are supposed to be sympathizing with him? Or how about Adam, Brian's best friend, that is engaged to the woman that Brian is inlove with - are we to believe that despite his slimy vibes he will turn into the perfect fiance overnight? And finally we have the married couple, with the wicked wife who wants an open marriage and the spineless husband who won't say no.

Then we have the storyline - generic and limited. How many times have we seen this storyline (guy inlove with a girl he can't have) in prime time? Ross & Rachel. Billy & Ally McBeal. Noel & Felicity. And from these shows, we know that we are in for a few months of "will they or won't they", followed by a seemingly infinite flip-flopping of on-again/off-again.

At best this show could be a mediocre daytime soap. At worst, this show is boring. Quite frankly, I don't care about Brian, and I'm sure ABC will agree with me by May.

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