Friday, April 21, 2006


Like JJ said - Alias is meant to be a family drama taking place in a world of espionage. Over the seasons, most of the questions floating around in my head have to do with Jack and Irena and their devotion to Sydney. This episode was classic in the way it made you question and re-question Irena's loyalty. After Sovogda, we were left with warm fuzzy feelings for her. Then at the end of Horizon, we were stunned, but still were willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Finally, throughout SOS and Maternal Instinct we asked one more time to consider Irena's true loyalties - herself? Sydney? Prophet 5? Some other greater Order? How many times can Irena turn before we (& Sydney!) decide enough is enough? I guess we have six (and a half?) hours left to see.

In the mean time, check out my top 3 lists for the return....

Ready? Here we go...

Top 3 WTF?!?! Moments:
1. "Peter" Grace?
2. Jack trusted Irena??
3. The colored, flashing patches on Sydney's sonogram???
*Note: I did not think the return on Vaughn qualified to be on this list since we all knew he was alive and returning.

Top 3 Made-Me-Grin-Ear-to-Ear Moments:
1. The SpyFam working together again
2. Dependable, loyal Weiss coming to the rescue
3. Sydney holding her new baby

Top 3 *New* Mysteries Posed:
1. Who are Thomas/Peter Grace & the Cardinal?
2. Who is the second APO mole?
3. Who was in charge of hiding Vaughn?

Top 3 *Continuing* Mysteries Re-Posed:
1. What is the Horizon?
2. What is the goal of Prophet 5?
3. What is so special about Sydney's offspring?

If I Could Only Have 3 Questions Answered:
1. What was Rambaldi's intended endgame?
2. Is Irena good or evil?
3. Who are the "order of Rambaldi"?

And finally... a special question posed by my sister K (who I whole-heartedly agree with)... What was up with Dixon's hair? The micro-dreds don't really seem to fit in with the ultra-slick spy world.


K said...

Yay!! I'm in your blog!! But... why didn't you pose all those questions about stuff I apparently completely made up? :)

Anonymous said...

"3. The colored, flashing patches on Sydney's sonogram???"

That was doppler imaging--a tool used in ultrasound to see blood flow. I think it's usually used to diagnose heart murmurs and other things where you need to see how the blood is flowing. I'm not sure why they made a point to show it to us, but I don't think there's much to be read into it. Especially since we know what the medical problem with the baby was...

M said...

Thanks "annonymous" for clearing up that question.. of course with Alias I'm always looking for a conspiracy. :)