Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Anthony Bordain is An Asshole (But Makes a Whole 'Lotta Sense)

Okay, who amoung us hasn't spent a day hypnotized by the Food Network? I regulary tune in to Alton Brown's Good Eats, or watch a good food match on Iron Chef America. It's fun to watch good food being cooked (almost as good as eating it.)

Well, rebel-chef-turned-author Anthony Bordain has a lot to say about the chefs on the network. In his eyes, Batali is king and Rachael Ray should die a horrible death. Although I'll definitely keep watching the FN shows, it will never be the same after this article... click HERE to read this mean (but on point) criticism of one of the best "there's nothing else on so might as well watch this" channels. Highlights include: a breakdown of each of the main FN chefs and awesome potential matches for Iron Chef America (including a cage match I would pay good money to see!)

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