Monday, February 12, 2007

Mondays with M

Last Week's Leftovers

How good was Lost last week? It had everything a girl could want - and Juliet and Ben are officially my favorite characters on the show now. Also, did you catch the anagram? The company that was trying to recruit Juliet in her flashback was "Mittelos Bioscience" - Mittelos rearranges is "Lost Time"; the producers have hinted before that there might be quirkiness with time on the island, and this just contributes to that theory. Fanatics (the real Lost loonies, people who are way more obessessed than me!) also found another backwards message embedded in the epsiode which supports the weird island-time theory: apparently if you play the brainwashing video that Karl was watching backwards, you hear the message "Only fools are enslaved by time and space." Interesting... Also - what exactly did Ben say to Juliet during his surgury? I know she claimed that he told her he would let her go home, but do we believe her? We should know better at this point! Finally, does Juliet's fertility expertise have anything to do with the Others' interest in kids and pregnant people (i.e. the whole Claire kidnapping thing?) Does this mean that Sun is in trouble soon?

Oh, and I meant to write about last night's Battlestar today, but I was so tired that I didn't get to watch... keep an eye out later this week for a re-hash.

M's Weekly Spotlight

Monday: Heroes (NBC, 9pm) wins again for Mondays. "Someone flies and someone dies" is the new tagline. Speaking of taglines, I could really do without them, and I don't know who at NBC thought it was a good idea, but if it keeps viewers coming, and guarentees more seasons, I guess its tolerable! (Dis-honorable mention goes to 24, Fox, 9pm... I am already over the whole Jack's family is terrible story-line. Boo-hoo for Jack.)

Tuesday: Tuesdays are easy for me: Veronica Mars (CW, 9pm) is the only show I watch this night!

Wednesday: After last week's episode, of course the highlight for Wed's are Lost (ABC, 10pm). This week it's Desmond-centric, and we getter a better glimpse into his psychic abilities.

Thursday: The OC! (Fox, 9pm) With two episodes left, we have to see what happens with Kirsten's pregnancy, Ryan's love confession to Taylor, and of course, the aftermath of last week's Earthquake! (Honorable Mention goes to The Office, NBC, 9pm, which I seriously can't get enough of!)

Friday: Las Vegas (NBC, 10pm) because the gang deals with a polygamist and everyone is just so darn good looking!

Sunday: My beloved Battlestar (SciFi, 10pm) will always win this spot for me.


The Aqua Teen Hunger Force saga continues... the head of Cartoon Network (Jim Samples) resigned last week due to the whole Boston "terrorism-threat" of the CN/ATHF guerilla marketing campaign. Talk about your most overrated media-craziness of the month! This makes me a little annoyed, because I think the Cartoon Network is great, and a lot of that is attributed to Samples' running of things... hopefully the programming won't go through a creative down-surge due to all this nonsense. Not that I like or watch ATHF, it's just the principle of it!

GREAT NEWS on one of my favorite failed sit-coms, Kitchen Confidential! All 13 episodes (both the 4 aired and the 9 unaired) will be released on DVD on May 22nd. The cancellation of this funny show still makes me so mad, (while they renewed that god-awful Michael Rappaport show which was just salt in the wound.) Anyway, at least we get to see how the rest of the season played out.

And finally, some bad news for all you Studio 60 fans... looks like NBC will be putting it on hiatus during sweeps, and filling it instead with a new mid-season show, The Black Donnellys, a show about an Irish-American family gang. Unlike 30 Rock, which is also going on hiatus but has a scheduled return, Studio 60's future is looking grim, although NBC did promise to air the remaining episodes (um, just like they did for Kidnapped?) I'm not feeling optimistic about the whole thing.

Happy Monday everyone - at least this week leads us to a well-deserved long weekend!

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