Friday, February 02, 2007

My TiVo Is Just Plain Mean... Or Does It Know Best?

So, as many of you out there in TiVo-world know, the Season Pass functionality has been acting up for quite a few of us, starting as early as mid-December. Nobody noticed because this programming blip occurred during a time where there was no TV to watch, so we didn't realized that things weren't being taped. HOWEVER, this problem was supposedly fixed in mid-January... although I still didn't trust it for the first few weeks, making sure that all my week's programs were scheduled to be recorded every Sunday night. However, just as I regained faith in my TiVo, the problem came back, and My Name is Earl didn't record last night.

Which gets us to the real problem: I don't care. Earl, it turns out, is not as funny as we thought it was. Especially when it's kicking off a night that includes The Office, Scrubs & 30 Rock. The only reason that Earl was funny last season, was because of all the comedies offered to us viewers, it floated to the top. But the best of mediocraty, it still medicore at best. I say get rid of Earl and fill it with something that deserves to be with the rest of the NBC thursday night comedy line up. (If only Arrested Development could come back.... dare to dream!)

In the mean time - TiVo... I've got my eye on you.

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