Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lost Returns Tonight

Can I just say - I am EXCITED! I can't help it, I love Lost just so much! Action, adventure, mystery, romance (with a little bit of a sci-fi spin) - this show is built for people like me. In honor of its return tonight, here are a few fun Lost links to browse through (to make the count down to 10pm a little easier!)

4. Doc Jenson is back to writing Lost on; click HERE check out this interview with the producers on some of the major questions plaguing the show.

3. Think you know Lost? Well trust me, you don't! Click HERE to assess your Lost trivia on the Hardest Lost Quiz Ever!!

2. Do you see yourself in a certain character? Click HERE to take a quiz to see who YOU'D be if you were on Lost!

1. Can't wait until tonight? Need to know every detail the episode RIGHT NOW?? Then click HERE for a detailed description of Episode 3.7: "Not In Portland".


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K said...

I'm Kate!

Also, Lost was amazing!