Thursday, February 01, 2007

Random (and Time-Consuming) Online Resources

Lost is finally returning for the "real season" next Wednesday (don't forget to note the new time slot at 10pm... damn you American Idol!) If you are super, super into spoilers, you should really check out this site:

It is hands down the best collection of Lost spoilers on the web - beware though! This has much more than just vague screen caps and casting notices - they have detailed episode descriptions. The nice thing, is that they also have a "Rumors" section, so they don't post to this particular site unless the rumors are confirmed. If you want just the rumors, then go to:

One of the cool things about Heroes is the online graphic novels. Do these qualify as "spoilers"? I don't think so, I think they're just online enhancements to the show. For example, the novels already give us some detailed background on an upcoming "new" Hero named Hana Giltman (aka Wireless). Novels can be found at:

Also, there is a great "un-official" fan site (even though the official NBC site links to it) with great interviews, forums and cast news. If you haven't been already, go to:

The Office
Did you know that you can see longer, "director's-cut" episodes of The Office on Apparently, they are having a tough time with editing to their allotted 22 minutes, so they post what they consider the full episode online after the episode airs. There are some great scenes from the recent Oscar returns epidode. Use the new links on the right hand side of the page to link to The Office website to catch these gems. (Or wait for them on DVD - apparently, the DVD will be all director's-cut episodes, not the shorter versions which air weekly.)

That's it for now - enjoy!!

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