Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What If They Just Let It Air?

Happy Lost Day!! (Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day too...)

Tonight is the second of 16 straight episodes, and again, the producers are promising to blow your mind - the 10 word clue they gave on was: "Riddle me this - when is a flashback not a flashback?" Hmm... I believe the answer is when the previous episode has a million allusions to time travel theory! Can't wait until tonight to find out exactly what it means!

And on another note, does anyone remember Daybreak, the mini-series/show that ABC was planning to air for the 13 straight weeks that Lost was going to be off air? A show that promised an answer to the mystery? A show that was cancelled 4 weeks into the mystery? A show that ABC then promised to air online? A show that just disappeared? Well... ABC is finally living up to... uh, something. Just checked out the ABC online video player and found that 11 of the 13 episodes are up to finish watching online! (And I believe the goal is to put up all 13!) Not many of you watched this show (obviously, since it was pulled off the air after 4 weeks), but for those of us who did (guilty as charged) we can get all the answers we want online (except for the teeny-tiny mystery as to why Taye Diggs is reliving the same day over and over and over....) ENJOY!

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