Friday, March 31, 2006

Viva Espana

So I'm heading to Barcelona for a week, so won't be able to make any updates (except maybe for the few telenovelas I'll be checking out!) Quick recaps before I go, to tide you over for the week!

All of a sudden, this show has regained its momemtum! Between Sun getting pregnant, Henry Gale not being Henry Gale, the Jack & Sawyer Poker Showdown, the secret map... my mind is literally exploding! Of course about an hour after this week's show ended, there were about a billion interpretations of the map up on the web - just google it and you'll be sure to find it. The translations are pretty interestesting...

And BTW - did you all catch that fantastic Alias promo during the show? I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!

Battlestar Galactica
I'm towards the second half of Season 1. All women out there should be watching this show. Starbuck is my new hero. I just finished watching the episode where she tortures the cylon - the look on her face the whole time is fantastic. I know T will harshly critisize me for the following statement, but that torture scene was more captivating than any 24 torture scene ever. This show is just amazing, I can't believe that I didn't know about it until recently. I implore you all to give it a try - forget that its on the SciFi Network, forget that it involves sexy killer robots, forget that it takes place in outer space (and in most of the scenes, you get more of a "submarine" feel anyway!) This is truly a well thought out, well written, well acted show. Give the 3 hour mini-series a try, and I promise you'll be hooked from there!

Is on a hiatus to give The Evidence a try... I TiVo'd an episode, but couldn't get into it. Invasion will be back after the mid-season premier of Alias, on April 19th.

The OC
Uh... I guess Summer & Seth are still together, and Ryan & Marissa have quickly moved on. And Julie Cooper is marrying Summer's dad. Nothing great going on here.

Returned this week - but I have to pack for Spain, so I don't have time to watch it! I'm excited for the Lex-Lana thing, as well as the return of Brainiac!

Had myself a little Related marathon and watched the final three episodes of the season (and possibly series!) I actually ended up crying - the last scene of the season (the montage of the sisters getting together/breaking up with their respective boys) was so sad. I really want Ginnie & Bob to get back together! They better have another season so that I can see this reunion!!

Commander In Chief
Returning in April 18 (Tuesday)... looks like things are going to get tricky again between Mac and the sneaky Speaker, Templeton. The producer that joined the show mid-season (and tried to ruin it by making Mac & Templeton friends, and making Rod part of the presidential staff) has left, and they are trying out yet a third producer... apparently, they are going to go back to the original concept of the show, instead of trying to creating a West Wing/Homicide mixed bag. Hopefully, it will return to the great show that premiered last fall!

Beautiful People
YES, I am still watching this god-awful show. Although, I have no clue where they are taking it. The last episode I watched (and I try to refrain from watching as much as possible, but damn it, I'm an addict, I can't help myself!) both Mother and daughter broke up with their boyfriends (who happened to be father and son). I have no clue where they can go with this now. With the Fisks out of the way, I don't see any good storyline for Sophie (I guess she's going get together with the new bad boy in town - the other scholarship student/co-worker at the coffee shop - that's not cliche or anything.) And god help you if you don't see where the Karen/smooth talking guy/grouchy photographer storyline is going... um... can I take any bets that Karen will manage to smooth out those rough edges on the photographer? Give me a break. This show sucks.

The Unit
Still watching this show - definitely not as good as my faves (Alias, Lost, BSG, Invasion)... there doesn't seem to be any ongoing plot - more Desperate Housewives-y than anything else. Even the boys seem to talk about their feelings. But its a nice show to catch every once in a while. And Scott Foley is always nice to look at!

Top Chef
I still get a "want to stab him" feeling every time I see Stephen. And T brought up a good point about Tiffani: a few episodes ago she said she was featured in an article about queer chefs, and then last night she talked about making a bread pudding with her boyfriend. Which is it - boys or girls? She is such a sham. I hope Tiffani and Stephen get trapped in the kitchen and an oven explodes. I miss Heidi (sniff).

Saved the best for last... only 19 days left, and I am so psyched!!

Well, hasta luego all, and have a great TV week!

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