Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Polygamy Loves Company

Saw Episode 2 of Big Love... can't decide if I'm on board yet or not. This episode dealt a lot with how the wives "share" their husband - the schedules, the politics, the games... it just all seems so... hard. I'm still waiting for them to explain why people make the decision of polygamy in the first place; this family doesn't even seem religious - they aren't Mourmons and they don't seem to believe in the cult they came from, Juniper Creek! I guess I'll give it until episode 5, where the critics all claim it gets "good", but not sure if its going to keep beating out Grey's as the program to watch on Sunday nights.

24 last night was... okay. They didn't really make as big of a deal out of Tony's death as they seem to be doing about Edgar's... and the whole "Wet List" subplot just seemed to make another country (Germany) mad at Jack; let's not forget that China still assumes he's dead, and they won't be happy when they find out he's not! Rumors are that next season 24 will be in London with a whole new main character... the way that Jack is pissing people off, I won't be surprised if he's the final death this season!! The best part about last night was last few minutes, when it was revealed that Audrey might be the mole... that could explain a lot from last season, especially when Jack tortured Audrey's e-husband because he might have been involved with the whole terror plot - it turned out, he wasn't (and he died saving Jack)... was Audrey really pissed because her ex-husband died in vain, or because he died when really, *she* was the one involved all along, and *she* deserved to die? Chew on that one for a week!

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