Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Girl Chloe

Unlike T, I don't really care either way that Edgar is dead - I certainly don't think it helps/takes away from the story line. Yes, his character was annoying, but in a somewhat endearing way... not enough to actually *be* endearing, but just enough to balance out his annoyingness so that you didn't care about him.

HOWEVER, Chole really proved herself as a great character last episode. Kim Bauer's (lackluster) return was so annoying - creating an immediate dislike for the character. (Again, I have only watched Seasons 1, 4, and now 5... Kim was annoying in S1 and did not star in S4). I'm sorry - but if a loved one you thought was dead re-appears, first you rejoice, and then you discuss. The fact that she ordered her father out of the room because "she can't give him what he needs" is appalling. When Chloe called her out on being a total b*tch to Jack, I was so happy. Passive Aggressive bullshit is probably the most annoying quality in a person, and Kim is all about that. I would enjoy a situation where Chloe had to shoot/torture Kim because Kim turned out to be evil.

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