Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Hope They All Lose

Watched episode two of Top Chef last night, and realized that there is not one likeable character on that show. In my previous post, I said that they got rid of their Santino... I was wrong... turns out Santino is reincarnated as Tiffani, the red-headed female chef. Last night she wouldn't let Lee Ann use an extra minute to take her tart shells out of the oven because it was "against the rules" (yes, she is *that* person). Clearly, he cooking talent will not help her win the title, so she needs to handicap the others contestants (who actually possess culinary skill) in any way she can. Yes, I get it, it is a GAME, and you have to play to win - but the only way I can explain it is that she is one who calls personal fouls in a pickup game of basketball. I hate those people. Play the game, but for god's sake, stop crying because somebody was in the paint for 4 seconds instead of 3. The other untolerable one is Stephen, the Sommelier (probably the most pretentious job possible in the history of the universe.) What a smarmy bastard. Yeah, his presentation is good, but does anyone else want to just smack him in the face anytime he comes on the screen? I really don't like anyone on the show so far - I hope they all lose.

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