Wednesday, March 01, 2006

2 New Shows

So, I've started watching 2 out of 3 of the new series I'm willing to get hooked on: Battlestar Galactica and Grey's Anatomy (in case you were wondering, the third series that I want to see but haven't yet had a chance to yet is Veronica Mars.)

I guess there are three types of shows I really like: Continual Mystery Plot Lines (Alias, Invasion, Lost), Hour Long Comedy/Drama (Desperate Housewives, Las Vegas, Commander in Chief), and Quirky Comedies (How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs, Arrested Development).

Grey's Anatomy seems to fall in the "Hour Long Comedy/Drama" category - kind of the guilty pleasure. I'm definitely enjoying the shows I've watched so far (starting with the superbowl episode) and I'm excited for the Season 1 DVD which should be arriving via Netflix this weekend, however, its not the type of show that I'm sorry that I haven't been watching from the beginning. Acting is good (Meredith is a little squint-y, a la Rene Zellwegger), but nothing is blowing me away. Am I going to keep watching? Of course! Its a pretty good show! But its not like it will be a good substitute for Alias.

As for Battlestar Galactica - I've only watched the first hour of the mini-series that led to the actual sci-fi channel show, but it is (as expected) amazing! The characters are complex, the plot line is rich, the writing and acting is superb, and of course, I love the continual plot line of the whole thing. I'm hoping to finish the 4 hour mini-series by next week and start Season 1 soon.

Quick Poll: What's your favorite category of show?

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Piali said...

Veronica Mars would definitely be a big contender for the continual mystery plot line category!