Friday, March 03, 2006

Upcoming Shows That Intrigue Me

Alright - there a few shows coming up in the near and distant future that I'm excited for:

Sons & Daughters - this show is being lauded as the "new Arrested Development", without being over the top. These initial reviews really scared me away from this show - the whole reason I love AD is *because* it is over the top! But after reading more reviews, I think this show can be funny on its own terms, as long as it can escape the shadow of AD. Read this Roush Review. I think the timeslot is ABC, Tuesdays @ 9 (Series Premier: March 7)

Heros - now THIS is a show I can get into! By previous entries, you must know by now that I love my superheros!! (Smallville, X-Men, Batman... list goes on!) This show is about everyday people learning about the extraordinary abilities they possess. Ausiello has a great summary of it here. It seems like this show will have my two favorite traits (which I'm sure you can guess by now!!): character development, and long-term plot (and of course a deliciously evil bad guy!) It won't be premiering until Fall 2006 on NBC, but I am already excited for it. Details to follow!!!

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