Monday, March 06, 2006

Maternity Leave

Okay, so I haven't had a chance to write about the AMAZING Lost episode from last week, "Maternal Instinct." Lost writers *actually* answered some questions for us. Here's what I got:

1. We know what happened to Claire during her kidnapping (sort of.)
2. We know Danielle's daughter Alex is still alive (maybe.)
3. We know Danielle saved Claire and is therefore good (probably.)
4. We know that Zeke/Mr. Friendly is not really an island refugee (yes - this one is for sure!)

But of course, the reason we love this show is because of the questions it raised:

1. Is Alex good or bad - Danielle only had her for a few weeks before she was kidnapped by the Others... she was raised by them... how would she know to "help" Claire? I have a feeling this was a set up!

2. Henry Gale is an Other! (Or at least not innocent!) Or is he? When he started playing mind games with Locke, that was all I needed as proof. (Alright, I already believed that after the smirk to Sayid!) But, what's this I'm hearing/seeing of (spoiler alert - highlight to read!) his hot air balloon being found in the jungle???

3. There is no way that Claire was just there 20 days before (estimate courtesy of many posters on the Lost boards!) and there are shadows of the hangings on the concrete walls... either: a) the floating time theory is true or b) this is not the first time they have used the nursury, its been there for awhile or c) something happned to cause it... i.e. an explosion. I feel like I understand the hasty departure of the DHARMA team... once Claire "escaped" she was eventually going to remember what happened and find the hatch, so they had to leave. But it's a little *too* convenient that they left the costume... it is definitely a plant in my opinion!

4. If the "others" are really in costume - then why did the Tailies see them walking around barefoot on their way to the Survivors' camp? For the benefit of the kids/people they kidnapped?

5. WHO IS "HE"????

God - there are a million more questions, but I can't remember them all. Great episode. Much better than some of the going-nowhere ones we had earlier this season (i.e. Hurley's & Charlie's.)

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M said...

Correction: The show title was "Maternal Instict" not "Maternity Leave". "Maternity Leave" is a title of an upcoming Alias episode.

Sorry for the confusion.