Thursday, May 25, 2006

4 Toes

The Lost Season Finale.... wow. Did they really give us any of the answers we were looking for? Or will Lost mimic Alias, paralleling the Dharma Initiative with Rambaldi, where the build up is so that we can never get a satisfying answer? Anyway, let's get to it:

Although he wasn't really featured in this episode, I just have to ask - what was up with him? He was really creepy in the jungle when talking to Locke about Desmond. He was really creepy in the aftermath of the non-pushing of the button. Is he on something again? Is the weird vaccine affecting him somehow? Something was just not *right*. But looks like he got his Claire back....

Eko vs. Locke
I think this can be summed with with Locke's line from last night: "I was wrong." Although we don't know if either of them survived, I think this battle of faith is over. I think Locke's faith is restored in himself, the island, and his friendship with Eko... if either of them survive.

Okay... we know he's not returning as a series regular next season, but something tells me that we have not seen the last of him... and its not going to be so easy to get off the island. We still are unresolved on *why* Walt was kidnapped ("we had a real find" in Walt, said "Henry")... but off they go. What an evil guy. With the looks Jack, Kate & Sawyer were giving him as he sailed off, he'd better hope there's something else besides the island!

The Others
Zeke is now Tom. Mrs. Klugh is now B. "Henry" is appparently in charge. They know that the survivors know that their beards/costumes are fake. They didn't seem too affected by the non-button pushing explosion. They now have Jack, Kate & Sawyer. They think that they "are the good guys". So again, we know more, but still know nothing. I love that "Henry" turned out to be the guy in charge. Remember in the hatch he said: they'll never give you Walt. Somehow, I believe that he'll follow through on that! He's going to be a season regular next for S3, so that's pretty exciting. He should definitely win some kind of award for his performance this season. (Apparently, he was only slated for a couple shows, but then he was so mind-blowingly awesome, that they converted him to a regular!!!)

Hurley and the Parrot
I definitely heard it say Hurley (after several Tivo rewinds...) How does this relate to the Polar Bear, the Shark and other animals? It makes me think that the Pilot in Season 1 was not eaten by the defense system, but by some genetically-crazed animal experiment.

Jack, Kate, Sawyer
"Wait... you guys were talking about me?" Don't play innocent, Kate... you've been playing these guys against one another since the first day on this island! I find it interesting that the others requested the love triangle, and only wanted Hurley as a messenger back to the camp. I wonder what kind of freaky experiments they might be subject to? Originally, I thought they were "cutting of the head of the beast" so to speak - by removing the "leaders", they would make the surivors of 815 weaker. But then, I think Sayid ("the only one who's been in a war"), Locke & Eko are very capable of leading, so I changed my mind.

The Hatches
The one in the "village" was a fake, as Sayid discovered, complete with a fake hatch. The Pearl tubes deposited the careful work of its inhabitants into an empty field. And the Swan is for real. I wonder what the other hatches hold? Interesting that Jack discovered Locke's drawing of the hatch map in all that mess....

So the infamous hatch resident returns! Turns out the survivors are trapped in some kind of weird snow-globe like area (bermuda triangle-ish?). So Desmond was running with a purpose as he escaped from the hatch - back to his fixed up boat (courtesy of now-dead Kelvin Inman). But little good that did him! (BTW - where did all the Dharma booze come from? I didn't see anyone else enjoying it on the beach, with the latest drop?) What else did we find out about Des? He was dishonorably discharged from the royal army, he's read every Charles Dickens book except "the Mutual Friend" (which's he's going to read right before he dies), he was dating Penny Widmore (WIDMORE!), but Daddy Widmore did not approve and broke them up, he was racing around the world for "love" in Libby's boat (was this pre-institution or post-institution Libby? And I wonder if her dead husband David will have a connection to any of our survivors... ie like Hurley's Dave?), he was in the US for awhile (so unlike the other survivors, he may not have started out in Sydney,) and he shaved every day for the first two years in the hatch, and he took his vaccine every 9 days while he was down there (btw, do we know if Claire ended up using the vaccine on herself or Aaron?) And let's not forget, his chase of Inman lead to the delay of button pushing, which ultimately caused flight 815 to crash! Although that seems like a lot of facts, that's really not a lot of information.... and of course, many more questions are raised. Good flashback!

The Washer & Dryer
The producers said on a local radio show that there was a specific purpose of the washer & dryer, and how they were a lot more modern than a lot of the other appliances in the hatch... and last night, we distinctly saw them fly towards the magnet. Was that the purpose? I hope not, and I think there still may be some kind of story to be told there!

Inman & Razinksi
What did one snowman say to the other? I smell carrots. Interesting that Kelvin repeated the same lines to Desmond - starting with "Are You Him?". (And we still don't know who the mysterious "him" is... Henry perhaps?) Kelvin Inman, if you remember, was the one that converted Sayid to become a torturer in the first Iraqi war. I wonder who else's life he's been a part of. Looks like after the war, he was *a part* of the Dharma Initiative. I wonder if all the partipants of the hatches/experiments were drafted as a part of the DI, not just a external test subjects. And it was him and Razinski who were painting the glow-in-the-dark hatch map that Locke saw in "Lockedown". But he wasn't painting it in UV lights... so did they know that the UV lights were there? Looks like it... and if they did, why didn't they just trigger the lights while they painted? And WHO THE HELL IS RAZINSKI???

Penny Widmore
The daughter of powerful gabillionaire Charles Widmore, and inlove with our Desmond... her note caused him to not kill himself (combined with Locke's questions to the island and banging on the hatch skylight), but she is engaged to someone else? Also, could be the savior of our survivors... she has a team in Siberia or someplace looking for electromagnetic anomolies... how does she know to look for that? Did she spy on her Dad? Was she initially a part of Dharma? Is she still engaged to that guy?? Ack!

And finally....
The Big Foot
"I do not know which is more disquieting, where the rest of the statue is or the fact that it only has four toes." This was the biggest mystery of them all... what the hell was that????

GREAT episode... they say that this story could be told over 8 seasons... hopefully they can keep the momentum going, and keep the ABC execs off their backs (to gain new viewership)... Good Luck for Season 3 Lost, I hope your fate is better than Alias.

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