Monday, May 15, 2006

The Best 2 Weeks of the Season

Alright... looks like the finales are starting, look forward to plot twists and deaths galore!

NOTE: There is a 20 minute presidential address tonight that will affect all networks - set your TiVos and VCRs accordingly!!!
Finales kick off tonight with How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 8:30) and a 2 hour Grey's Anatomy finale marathon (ABC, 9). Also, for anyone interested, Prison Break also is ending the season tonight on Fox at 8. All 3 have been renewed for next season.

Scrubs ends its hilarious 5th season at 9 with a two-episode, 1 hour season finale (NBC, 9.) Also, The Unit will conclude its first season with a 2 hour, 2 episode ending (CBS, 9). Scrubs has definitely been picked up for another season... the Unit is looking likely for Season 2, but not certain.

Alias and Lost are new, but their 2 hour season finales won't be until next week (Monday and Wednesday, respectively.) However, the season finale of Invasion will probably be the last hour of the show you'll ever see, as it is unlikely that it will be picked up next season... ABC, 10pm.

The OC ends its season on Thursday with the fab four's graduation... keep an eye out, because this could be Marissa's last episode... rumors are that she will NOT return next season as a cast regular. We also have the series finale of Will & Grace... if you're like me and stopped watching this show years ago, but want to tune in for the finale, the story is basically this: Grace is pregnant with ex-husband Leo's baby, and planned to raise it with Will. But Will's on-again boyfriend Vince wants a full commitment that does not include 24/7 Grace and while Will is leaving Vince for Grace, Grace is off to Europe to try and reconnect with the ex-hubby, for a chance to be a happy family... will the last episode leave us with separate paths for Will & Grace? Probably not, but tune in anyway... there is a clip show at 8 and the finale starts at 9 (NBC.) Also, if you're looking for the Smallville finale, you missed it, it was last week - but don't worry - the renewal for the new CW network is at about 99%.

We have the Simpsons season finale (Fox, 8, but who cares) followed by an hour and a half Stewie-centric season finale for Family Guy (Fox, 8:30). Both are renewed for next season. And then heading over to Wisteria Lane, we get a one hour season finale of Desperate Housewives (ABC, 9), including flashbacks of how all the housewives moved into the neighborhood. Plus we have the mid-season finale of The Sopranos (not to be confused with the actual season finale, which will occur later this year) and the season finale of Big Love (HBO, 9 and 10, respectively.) As is always the case with HBO, I have no clue of the fates of either of these shows.

Happy Viewing!

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J said...

Regarding Big Love - it has definitely been picked up for a second season.