Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Alias is Over

Nothing I could write would do justice to my favorite show. I'll tell you, until Season 4, it was all I could think about. Then, after recovering through a rocky first half, Season 4 recovered and Season 5 delivered. But with the cancellation of the series, as much as the writers/producers/cast of the show say that they got to end it "their way", it left all the questions unanswered. Sadly, I am disappointed. This show came back with a vengence, but did not give us the finale we deserved. Here are some of my thoughts:

So, Rambaldi's end game was really *not* revealed, in my opinion.... was it just living forever? And if you can't die, how did the clock fixer from Season 1 die from being shot? The only thing I liked about it was that Sloan will now forever be in a living tomb, trapped under some rocks.

Also, something that made me angry was the whole Cardinal subplot, mixed in with some Tom/Rachel lovin'. Any other season, I would have been game, but all I was thinking was WHO THE HELL CARES? Go back to the characters we actually care about!!

And does anyone know if Thomas was involved in the kidnapping of Rachel? It all seemed so suspicious, but nothing was confirmed! I'm leaning towards yes, because it made his noble death in the subway an easier choice. (He stayed behind to keep spraying the bomb with nitrogen to slow down the timer, but didn't have time to escape himself.)

And how anticlimatic was the revelation of the Horizon (if you can even call it a revelation.) So, that, too, would give Irena unending life? What did the Mueller device have to do with it? And although the opening scene was awesome, with all the photographs, highlighted with the last one taken as Sydney zooms down the side of a building (in Sydney, Australia no less!), it really seemed that the writers couldn't think of a good explaination for Prophet 5, so they just killed them off. So was it all a ploy for power? (Thus the London/Washington attack plan?) For money? For eternal life? For all three? I JUST DON'T KNOW!

What I did like was how evil Sloan & Irena turned out to be - at least we know they are definitely *bad*. I liked how Sark *kinda/sorta* had a problem with mass killings - and how they left room for him to have a spin off (I would definitely watch it over a Tom/Rachel/Peyton spin off!)

I also enjoyed the backstory of how Sydney came into the agencey - however, it wasn't necessary, because we already kind of knew how she was recruited.

I guess that's it for now - I may ramble more later. Tonight is Lost's season finale, which sadly promises to be a lot better than Alias'.

Oh - one more thing - I found it cheesy that they ended with the little "thank you note" to the audience, instead of the final "Alias" on the black screen.

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