Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Love

Finally watched Sunday's episode of Big Love last night... its funny, all through the season, I wonder why Barbara allowed Bill to have multiple wives (and I know they hinted at it with her cancer, and Bill's need to borrow money from Roman). But with the last episode, I started wondering why Margene would agree to such a "marriage". She seems fun, outgoing and cute. We know from the episode with her yearbook that she was popular. And she definitely seems more like one of the kids than one of the wives, especially the way that Barb and Nikki treat her. (Although don't get me started about her weird and definitely inappropriate relationship with Barb's son.) During her set up last night, I was actually kind of rooting for the new guy. When he came by to visit her spur of the moment - sopping wet from a rain storm with roses in hand - I thought it was so romantic! And when he said "I'm going to kiss you now", I was excited, and wanted it to happen - for Margene's sake. Now, this guy's character certainly isn't my cup of tea (clearly I like the bitter, computer-game playing guys like T), but for Margene, he just seemed so... right. And it all just brings me back to my question - why did she choose to be a part of this? It just seems like Bill's mid-life crisis gone horribly, horribly wrong.

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