Monday, May 15, 2006

Alias, Lost & Invasion: Only One Will Survive

These shows are all so good, but only one is surviving to Season 3 (Lost)... finally saw last week's episodes, all three of them were amazing!!!

Only 3 hours of Alias left in the world... it's funny how much that changes my perspective on how I watch the show. Before, when *anything* was a possibility, every little clue would make me wonder about a million different twists and turns the show could take. Now I have only one focus: Rambaldi's End Game. I'm going to ignore the fact that if Sloan had page 47 in his possession for an extended period of time, and the means to decipher it, why he didn't do it until now. I'm going to put aside my list of 50 million unanswered questions, from who the hell is Olivia Reed, to why Irena's name was etched on a Rambaldi artifact, and just hope that the writers answer the one big looming question about Rambaldi. Don't get me wrong - I really enjoyed Wednesday's episode - but with the writers trying to go out on an all time high, they really are making loathe the fact that there isn't about 2 more seasons to answer all our questions. It looks like they are writing to reveal the P5 end game - which involved Rambaldi. Anyway... enough ranting... some quick points on the episode:

1. I loved that Mia Maestro was able to return for one more episode - she has been a great addition to the show (unlike this season's unnecessary Rachel & Thomas.) It was good that she was able to get her revenge on Sloan *somehow* - even if it was only posthumous mind games!

2. Did anyone else catch the look Peyton made when she said that "we all [have made sacrifices]"? Who has she sacrificed? Anyone we know? Does this feed into the rumors that she is somehow a Derevko and has lost/was taken away from/left her family?

3. Wasn't Dixon supposed to be evil this season? It seems like Alias is trying too hard to show us how sneaky Thomas is being - which only means one thing: he's innocent. That means there is possibly another mole inside APO - our beloved Dixon? Who knows?!?!?

4. Speaking of Thomas not being a baddie... I still think that the reason Thomas was hired was to be able to communicate with "The Cardinal" and I still believe that Jack is in the know of everything he is up to!

5. VAUGHN IS BACK IN ACTION! I'm glad the last few episodes will have the Syd/Vaughn team back together in the field.... that is classic Alias and it makes me happy.

Won't spend too much time on this one, because this is the only one I'll be able to write about next season. The big question here is to press or not to press... are they in a giant skinner box? Signs *point* to yes, but I don't think the answer was given to us 100% in the episode. Dr. Marvin (last name was different in this orientation tape!) said that the participants in the various experients believe that their job is of vital importance - but he never says that they believe that incorrectly! Interesting... And how did Locke dream of Yemi, who he doesn't even know... it reminded me of the time that Locke dreamed about Boone and his "incident" with his nanny and the stairs... there is definitely something weird about the island, giving some kind of psychic powers to our survivors. (On the same note, note that Eko foresaw the bleeding Ana in his dream before *anyone* knew she had been killed.) Speaking of psychics... anyone notice Claire's psychic admitting he's a fraud? But in the Clair episode in Season 1 he was SO adament about her keeping her baby. It seems that Yemi visited the drowned girl in a dream too - is psychic ability hereditary? Or was it the girl who knew that Claire would visit her father, and then told her father not to let Claire's baby be "raised by another"? Lots of questions... and as is always with Lost... few answers.

Wow - this show has jumped from genre-alien to evolution to genocide in a span of 21 episodes. This morning's Daily Variety announced that its certain that Invasion won't be returning next season, so this Wednesday's episode will be the last. One hour is definitely not enough to wrap up the whole mystery, but since there's been talk of cancellation for months, hopefully the writers have written to a satisfying conclusion. Will the hybrids win? The humans? What will the hybrid babies look like? (We have been promised at least a glimpse of them!) Why did the hybrids survive in the Everglades, but nowhere else in the world? Why won't ABC keep good shows on the air? The world may never know. In any case, I'm really looking forward to the season finale - even if it isn't given the customary 2 hours to conclude, as ABC loves to normally do.

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