Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Rundown

Hi everyone! I'm excited to join the blog, since I am one of the two loyal readers. As I've spent the last 48 hours catching up on my DVR (yes, I am so devoted to TV I took a personal day from work yesterday and spent the majority of the day on my couch), I thought I'd give a brief rundown on certain shows:

Grey's Anatomy
I'm going to say something I never thought I'd say - Chris O'Donnell is hot! I'm loving the scruffy look, and the way he handles Meredith (the whole, you should really pick Door No. 2.... priceless). I must confess that I love this show and rarely criticize it, but several episodes after the amazing Super Bowl 2-parter were definitely... slower and a bit boring. But I think Finn the vet is just what the show needs, and I for one hope Meredith sticks with him (though I do love McDreamy).

Veronica Mars
I know M doesn't watch this show (yet!), but it's my new obsession. Last week's episode (and for that matter the week before that too) was preempted for stupid basketball. I had to wait until Sunday night to see the new ep, but it was SO worth it! It's getting so good, and the Logan-Veronica pairing is the best on any show since Sydney-Vaughn. I am so excited for the last 2 episodes and to finally get some answers to this season's big mystery!

The Office
What's there to say? Last week's episode was brilliant. First of all, anything with Dwight in costume is genius. And the weird smile he shared with Angela after asking whether she was on any prespcription medicine? Creepy, though funny.

Big Love
I'm still watching this show, but I still feel lukewarm about it. I still hate Nikki, and Margene is still like a cartoon character to me. If anything, I just feel sad after watching an episode, especially one like last Sunday's when Barb so clearly regrets doing the whole polygamy thing.

Desperate Housewives
I really don't care about this show. But I keep watching. Let's see, what happened this week... we're supposed to feel bad for Gabrielle because they took her baby away. I'm not gonna lie, while I like how bitchy and selfish her character is, her whiny, squealy crying made my want to hit her.

The OC
Anothor show that I watch out of loyalty to the first season. Well, Anna's back with weird extensions, and Ryan once again beat someone up. That's about it. I'm actually kinda hoping this show gets cancelled so I can finally stop watching it.

I think that may be all the TV I watched yesterday. I know, admirable, since this isn't even counting the new shows on last night that I saw!

As for T... though M can't demote you, she can add me!!

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