Thursday, May 18, 2006

Alias = Best Show EVER

Who else almost died last night when Sydney met "the Rose", thinking that we were *finally* meeting Rambaldi?? Like the clock repairman from Season 1, he ended up being another one of Rambaldi's cronies that was given an amazingly long life. Who is he? We'll never know. What's in that amulet? The thing that will destroy life itself? The final two hours of the show are going to be bittersweet - looks like they left all the answers for the last show, which I can't wait to watch, but I never want to end. REMEMBER THAT THE SERIES FINALE IS THIS MONDAY, at 9pm, leaving room for the 2 hour season finale of Lost.

Speaking of Lost, another great episode - looks like we finally got some hints about the cryptic interviews the producers have been giving about the "new" regulars we'll be seeing next season. So Season 3 will probably give a lot of attention to the Others' camp. Interesting that Walt knew that "they're not who they seem". But it looks like Michael never discovered that they are in costume (will Kate tell?) Also, looks like since the Hurly/Libby romance is officially over, the writers will be going back to Claire & Charlie (I forgot all about Claire, to be honest.) But isn't it interesting that the baby they care so much about, wasn't on "the list"?

PS - I would leave T in a moment to run away with Sark and lead a giddily evil life.

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