Thursday, May 04, 2006

Oh Michael

I completely agree with M's posts re: Alias and Lost below. They were SO good!! And Nadia dying right after she's reunited with Sydney and Isabel - completely heartbreaking. I wasn't so upset about Rene's death - she wasn't as connected to all of the characters, and she was used so intermittently this season that I never really developed any sense of attachment with her. And, you kind of knew she was a goner once she appeared to be considering Syd's offer to go legit and work for APO.

As for Lost... OMG. I really didn't see Michael turning into an Other. There was definitely something fishy when he and Ana Lucia were talking in the hatch and he asked for the gun and the combo to the armory, but I didn't think he full out turned evil while he was away! Though I still stand by the theory that Libby was an Other - the look on Michael's face after he shot her pretty much confirmed my suspicions. Especially coupled with the look of worry she had after Hurley joked that they would get drunk and he'd remember where he knew her from. I can't wait to see how they end this season, and finally find out why the plane went down!!

PS - I will stop ranting about Veronica Mars being preempted, as I got my hands on a copy of Tuesday's episode -- and it was so good. There's so much to wrap up in the last episode (on next Tuesday) that I really wish they'd run it without commercials. But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself - I hope they run it period, and the Nets lose and they're taken out of the playoffs!

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