Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What Now?

The reason we watched Alias is because of the amazing character development, the intelligent writing, the intricate plot, the good acting, and of course, a continual mystery. We like three-dimensional people on the small screen - with understated humor and stories that make us *think*. That being said, here are my picks for the Alias "replacement":

Existing Shows:

1. Lost
Lost is obviously that natural choice, because it has all of the above, and unlike Alias, JJ handed the reigns over to very capable writer/producers. With Alias, you can tell when JJ himself left the show for dead.

2. Battlestar Galactica
This show is not as obvious - and its hard for non-Trekkies to make the decision to watch a show on the Sci-Fi network. I did it out of sheer curiousity (I am normally against killer robots in outerspace), but I implore you to give this one a chance. Rent Season 1 and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. For the girls out there - Starbuck is the next Sydney Bristow - a girl who can kick ass, and look good doing it. This show is about humanity - real people trying to survive. If you liked Alias because you loved thinking about what "good vs. evil" really means, you'll love BSG. Seasons 3 starts this fall with a primetime spot.

Upcoming Shows (a list of show that I think look good for the fall, but obviously no committment yet!):

1. Heroes (NBC)*** (My choice for best new show next season!!!)
This one looks like X-Men (which I LOVE), without the superhero costumes. Its looks to be about self-discovery and acceptance. And our beloved Weiss will be starring!

2. Traveler (ABC)
This is the one about the college friends who get set up for an terrorist attack - and the only one who can save them looks like he never existed. I think this one isn't being shown until the mis-season change-up, but looks interesting for the mystery.

3. The Nine (ABC)
About the lives of nine hostages of a bank robbery, and what happened to them afterwards... looks like this could have great character development and flashbacks a la Lost.

4. 6 Degrees (ABC)
JJ's new show about 6 people who's lives intertwine, but they don't know it. Looks like character, character, character... I'm a little skeptical after JJ's fantastically crappy What About Brian.

5. Jericho (CBS)
About a small town isolated after a nuclear disaster. Has hints of Lost about it, but could be great like Invasion.

6. Vanished (Fox)
After a lot of research, I found out that this one is not just about a kidnapping, but really about a mystery that stretches back hundreds of years.... Rambaldi anyone??

Stay tuned as I use the summer months to dissect the new shows as new information becomes available.

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