Wednesday, May 10, 2006

At Least She's a Joy to Live With

Those of us who watched Reunion

All 6 of you?

knew about the Sam's daughter plotline about 3 months ago.

Really? I apologize. Next time I'll peruse my archives of the inane message boards and comically untalented TV columns so I can be more up to date on things that don't exist anymore.

I haven't read your "new" article

That makes you uniquely unqualified to comment on it

but it probably also says how they were planning on changing the killer from the daughter to somebody else, but then it was cancelled

Actually it doesn't say that at all, but you wouldn't know that because you didn't read it. It says exactly what I posted it says. Usually before you comment on something, you need to have some knowledge about it beforehand. Otherwise you fall into that netherzone known as "being a woman"

We also knew that Craig was in the wheelchair temporarily, but then stayed there for political sympathy votes.

uhhhhhhhh. . . does anyone else not know what this means?

thanks for the old news.

You're welcome.

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M said...

Also - for those of you who want it, you can google up the scripts for the final 3 unaired episodes, or find them in the Watch With Kristen Message Board archives. They were a good read!