Monday, May 08, 2006

Felicity is Not a Secret Agent

Saw MI:3 with M with weekend as she documents below. It was okay. It was good in a summer-popcorn sense, however, it bothers me that they didn't even pretend to have a plot to it. The first Mission: Impossible was completely confusing and actually interesting, I rewatched it a ton of times to figure out what was going now. . .they don't even pretend to do that anymore. All they do is have Tom Cruise attach wires to himself and make the Tom Cruise face. (seeing this movie really exposes how poor an actor he is, especially compared with Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the bad guy, who is really much better, but given far too much screen time.

Also, don't believe a word M tells you. Felicity as an action hero is laughable. She's a horrible actress, and that only works if the actress is hot enough so that you forgive her horrible acting skills (The Big Bounce is an excellent illustration of where this works well. The actress is more wooden than a table, but her hotness causes me to ignore that completely). Thankfully, Felicity is not in the movie for that long, however there's a scene where Tom Cruise throws her a gun so she can shoot someone, and her face and the unintentional comedy that result is pretty funny.

Overall Movie Grade: B-/C+

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