Monday, May 08, 2006

Housewives We Love and Hate

Last night's episode of Desperate Housewives reinforced several thoughts I've had on the characters of Wisteria Lane:

1. Bree is awesome. I'm glad that she has finally reached her breaking point. What her son did to her was so heinous (slept with her sex addict boyfriend to get back at her for being angry he was gay.) And the way she acknowledged that he "won" was amazing acting. I'd love to see her on the silver screen.

2. Susan sucks. She is such a whiny, terrible person. I hated the scene where she told Mike that he still had feelings for her. I hope she ends up alone.

3. Tom (Lynnette's Husband) is a good-for-nothing idiot. I felt bad for him for all of two seconds when Lynette's boss announced his plan to fire Tom... but then when the shady expense reports came out, it made me so angry! He's never been able to cope with Lynnette's success and intelligence - and now it looks like he's been looking elsewhere to get an ego boost. What a freakin' sad excuse of a man.

Last night had a good (for this season at least) episode... I'm interested to see the finale where we learn how all the housewives came to Wisteria Lane. Yes, I watch this show out of habit, rather than enjoyment. However, I think the show has a chance to get back on track next season... if there is one.

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