Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Grey's Finale

I can't decide if it was a good idea to air a 2-hour season finale last night. Basically the 2 hours focused around 2 surgeries - Burke's and Denny's. While both were compelling and utilized all of the main characters, at times it felt dragged out - especially during the one-on-one sit down with Richard. That part in particular felt forced, like the writers were trying to fill time. Anyway, a couple of notes from last night's episode:

1. I still hate Izzie. She definitely got better in the last half of the episode, but I still can't get the image from Sunday night out of my head when she completely lost it. This is mean, but I kinda wish Christina laid into her more - someone needed to get through to Izzie, and I would have loved if Christina was the one to finally get through all the crazy.

2. Alex completely redeemed himself for any wrongdoing he has ever done in the past. He broke my heart first with the look he gave Izzie on the way into the prom, and then when he carried Izzie away from Denny and held her crying. (An aside - did anyone else notice the strange sexual vibes b/w Alex & Addison a few weeks back at the height of their fighting? It'd be interesting if something were to happen between these two next season, when McDreamy inevitably goes back to Meredith...)

3. Meredith and Derek. And Meredith and Finn. It's no secret that I'm a Finn fan - I just wish there was more chemistry between him & Mer. I am surprised that Mer/Der had sex in the hospital, and I'm SO glad that Callie, and not Addison, was the one to walk in on them (and Callie scored some much needed points with the look she gave Derek, and with helping Mer tie her dress). I was such a Mer/Der fan in the beginning, and totally hated Addison - the writers did an amazing job making Addison such a sympathetic character, and now I've totally switched sides and don't think it's time for Mer/Der to get back together yet!! But, this being TV and all, you know Mer is going to pick Finn, stay with him for 5-6 episodes, then realize she should be with McDreamy after all and dump poor hot Finn. What I'm not getting, and I could have missed what Addison said, but how is it that Meredith is picking who to go home with? If she were to pick Derek, where exactly will Addison be? In the backseat on the way home to the trailer? I don't believe that Derek is just all of a sudden ready to walk away from his marriage. I'm just saying.

4. I was totally digging the Veronica Mars lovefest. Not only did we get Vinnie Van Lowe on Sunday night's episode, but we got Jackie playing Richard's sick niece last night!! And, I forgot to mention, on Sunday the woman who dumped her fiance was Veronica's journalism teacher from season 1. And this was just in the last 2 episodes - there were other overlaps throughout the season, like Duncan as the high school jock who disregarded Callie's advice to play in the hockey game, and I believe the principal had a small part in GA season 1... well I could go on but I'll stop. I promise I'll try to keep my VM obsession a little more under control from now on.

5. Adele is awesome. She may have had the best lines of the night. It was a total shock that she knew about Richard's affair with Ellis, and totally awesome of her to use it to get her niece what she wanted. Way to guilt Richard!!

6. Callie is a freak. Girl, SLOW DOWN. You've been dating George for like 2 minutes and you're throwing around "I love you" and acting all crazy when he doesn't recipropcate? And what self-respecting girl asks if he's going to say it back? She needs to calm down. I totally agreed with her when she said that she wished she wasn't so into George. Me too. You're scary when you care so much.

I think that's it. I can't think anymore. It was such an emotionally draining 2 nights, and I'm getting tired thinking about it again.

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