Tuesday, May 16, 2006

ABC 06 Schedule - Thoughts

My first reaction was - they're putting what before Lost? And then I realized, before they paired Alias with Lost, I had no clue what was on before it. So I guess who cares.

Then I realized, that Invasion was nowhere on the schedule. Although I was expecting this, I'm still very sad about it - Invasion is good TV. I can't believe they brought back crappy What About Brian and canned Invasion. Ridiculous.

None of the ABC new dramas have gotten me as excited as NBC's upcoming Heros (see below for synopsis), although a few caught my eye. One of them will be JJ Abrams' Six Degrees - although, I feel like he may have peaked creatively with Lost. It's an interesting premise - how 6 people in NYC are all affecting eachother's lives without knowing it - but on the other hand, I feel like it may be *too* JJ Abrams. I mean, obviously I'll watch it, but I'm not going to get my hopes up and be totally excited for it.

Actually - the two new drama series that look the most intriguing are not even listed on the schedule - although their synopses are given. One is called Daybreak, starring Taye Diggs. It seems very Groundhog's Day, with Diggs living the same day over and over again until he can solve a mystery. The other one is called Traveler, which sounds like 24 meets Vanilla Sky. Now - I know Vanilla Sky sucked - but the premise is that 3 grad students are implicated in a terror plot, and the only one who can prove them innocent disappears - and it looks like he never existed. Now - why is Supernanny and Wifeswap on the sked, but these two new shows aren't? ABC Sucks.

Finally - the last one that looks semi-watchable is The Nine, which is about 9 people who bonded while stuck in a bank robbery. This is interesting, becauase they will only show the bankrobbery in 10 minute flashbacks each episodes (and they left enough room for plenty of seasons - apparently the bank robbery lasts 52 hours!)

Anyway, ABC looks okay - I'm still angry at them for ending Alias and cancelling Invasion.

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