Monday, May 08, 2006

Meredith's shining moment

For all of you who love Grey's but find Meredith's character whiny, slutty and unlikeable, even you had to love last night's scene with McDreamy where she finally stood up for herself and told him off for judging her. I have always loved Meredith, despite her flaws, because, well, she has flaws. I don't always agree with her decisions, but I have never full out hated her either. For McDreamy, last night was the first time I was really hating him. We all knew he was jealous at the end of last week's episode when he saw Meredith post-shower at Finn's, and his explosion was a bit overdue. I loved that Meredith didn't let him get away with his "You have to finally start taking responsibility for your actions" speech and followed him into the stairwell. It's about time McDreamy faced up to what he did to Meredith - my only regret is that Meredith wasn't the one to say "This thing between us is done."

In other Grey's news, I'm sick of the whole Izzy-Denny storyline. They've been dragging their feet for several weeks now, with no real progress. I thought it was cute in the beginning, but now it's just getting old. Same for Callie and George - I don't really like her, and her whining about being an outsider and how the other girls don't like her is just plain annoying. Get over yourself. There's a reason why Meredith and Izzy don't like you - you barge into bathrooms naked and pee in front of others and don't wash your hands, and you live in the hospital!!

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