Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tonight Could Be Magic

Finally! Tonight on ABC, three of my favorite shows, together at last, all with brand spankin' new episodes:

8:00 - Alias: 30 Seconds
9:00 - Lost: Two For The Road
10:00 - Invasion: Run and Gun

Alias is counting down to the finale - everything means something on this show, so pay close attention. I know that I was a little negative about last week's episode, but I hope that when I watch this season in a 17 hour DVD marathon this fall, I'll be slapping myself and going OH - that's why they wasted our time on that scene! That's definitely how I felt about Seasons 1 - 3. (Sadly, Season 4 is still in cellophane, because I still can't get over how badly ABC mucked up my favorite show of all time... eventually leading to its cancellation. DAMN YOU ABC!)

The Lost Experience (the interactive media/online game) starts tonight - and ABC/the producers/the greedy pigs are warning us NOT to TiVo through commercials, otherwise we will miss the first clue. I think I'll be able to spot it in fast forward (otherwise, I know the boards will be polluted with it tomorrow.) Check out this week's Ask Ausiello for great spoiler-ish info if you can't wait until tonight - also, Ausiello hinted that will be posting a whopper of a spoiler directly after tonight's episode, if you're interested.

Deciding to watch Invasion this season was like buying Google stock at $1. (No - I have no clue how stocks or "the market" work, so I don't even know if that analogy makes sense, but just go with me here...) Although the season started notably slow, the current episodes are so amazing (uh.. Google stock is now $100?) that I am pulling my hairs out at every minute. There is a lot of speculation as to whether this show is getting picked up for a second season, (we'll find out in a few weeks when the networks release their fall schedules.) But this show really is the Michelle Wie of "genre television" - the format is a perfect blend of mystery/sci-fi/conspiracy and the plot actually MOVES. Although it's too late for anyone to start watching now - do yourself a favor and watch episodes back-to-back when it gets released on DVD.

Finally - a note to T. Don't spite the blog by posting all that sports nonsense. Also - it was a Felicity marathon, not Mad About You, so there.

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