Friday, May 26, 2006

Some Alias Answers

I still think that the producers should have a post-series online web chat to answer the fans' questions - we have put a lot of thought into this show, and we deserve answers to EVERYTHING!! But for now, here are some answers:

From Kristen's online column:

After Monday night's fantastic series ender, many of you fellow fans posted on our message boards the unanswered questions still weighing heavily on your minds. Truth be told, I really wanted answers to some of them, too, so I emailed executive producer Jeff Pinkner, who graciously emailed right back the following answers.

Q: In the finale, did Irina say, "Rambaldi is alive," "Rambaldi is love" or Rambaldi "is life"?
A: "Rambaldi is life...Through him we can live forever."

Q: What was the horizon?
A: The horizon was the Rambaldi-designed glass sphere that activated the pedestal in his tomb and then received the liquid from the hovering red

Q: Did Irina fall on the sphere? In the final shot, one hand was bent behind her back after she fell. Could she have squished the ball but then have
been resurrected by it? It did take a while to work on Sloane.
A: No, the ball rolled away, presumably recovered by Syd, who would have had it destroyed.

Q: Given the actions of Nadia at the end of the show, was she truly just a figment of Sloane's imagination/conscience?
A: She was his conscience. I think killing Nadia--whom he deeply loved--caused some sort of emotional/psychotic rift for Sloane.

Q: Is Sloane going to live forever under a rock, or is he eventually going to die?
A: Sloane is immortal, living forever buried 200 feet beneath the earth.

There you have it. The classified intel. (I'm gonna miss saying that.) Unfortunately, Jeff wouldn't tackle whether the highlighted letters in the city
names or the number 47 meant anything, so I'll have to harass JJ Abrams next time I see him.

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