Monday, May 15, 2006

VM Renewed?

The Ausiello Report is saying that Veronica Mars is going to be renewed for 13 episodes... and like others are saying, this is better than nothing. BUT, with Rob Thomas's new formula for the show (3 mysteries instead of 1 season-long mystery, to be broken up in 6-7 episodes each), 13 episodes just doesn't cut it!! I'm hoping that it'll get more viewers on the CW, especially if paired with Gilmore Girls....

This is strange- I think VM is the first show that I truly love (like, in my top 3 now), that is really on the bubble. Even in the beginning of Alias when it was never a sure thing whether it would be renewed, I don't think it was such a big question mark. I don't know if I can handle this pressure. Please, people start watching!!! (On a related note, the second season of VM isn't being released until the end of August, I think 8/22 - but go out and rent the first season - I promise you won't be disappointed!)

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