Thursday, May 04, 2006

Delivered As Promised

1 Night. 2 Shows. 4 Deaths. And I couldn't be any happier!

Last night Alias got itself back on track - and how! It killed off both Nadia and Rene... but remember, that's only two out of three promised deaths before the end of the series. I must say, I was sad to see both of them go. I was really beginning to like Rene, and I always loved Nadia. One question remaining in my mind was how Weiss never got to see her or say goodbye... I guess we are supposed to write off the relationship as more casual that we wanted, and when he left for DC, it wa just the end of the relationship (it just seems so un-Weiss-like to think that though!) We also saw the return of the infamous page 47 (aka "The Prophecy") - and the mysterious eye of Rambaldi when it burned in the fire. It kind of makes you wonder which one was the original and which one was the fake? As you may remember, the crooked art historian declared his copy a fake because of the titanium dots... BUT, how did the eye of Rambaldi come up in the "original"? And what was the pattern of the titanium in the "fake"? Also, when I saw those glowing dots in the "fake", I really thought that THEY were the ciphered message... who knows! Also, THANK GOD, Sloan is full out evil again. Did he "murder" Nadia, or was it a circumstance of fate? God, I never thought I'd count myself looking forward to the end of this series, but I can't wait to find out "all the answers"! BTW, did anybody else catch that the location of the art-restorer guy was 47 North (as in 47 Norte, the location of Horizon?)

Lost was incredible last night. Obviously the minute Ana Lucia made up with her mom, and made inner peace with herself by not killing "Henry", we knew that she was going to be killed in this episode. The writers are consistent about killing off characters once they have resolved their inner demons. (I did enjoy the lusty moves AL used on Sawyer to get the gun though!) The surprise was Libby's death though! I feel like there's a lot more to figure out about her: why was she in the mental hospital? Why didn't she want Hurley to know how he knew her? Was she really a clinical psychologist, or was she a pathalogical liar? Also, Michael Emerson as "Henry Gale" continues his streak of the creepiest guy on t.v. ever. Did he really come to get Locke, or was it another mind game? Finally, the return of Michael was phenomenal. We got a clue that he had "turned" somehow when he said that the Others were barefoot and dirty (Kate gave him the same funny look that I was making, both of us remembering the dirty-islander costumes she found in Claire's medical hatch!) Check out this great post-episode interview at the Ausiello Report.

BTW - anyone see the commercial for the Hanso Foundation, the first clue for The Lost Experience? I plan on calling the number today!

My heart was beating so fast during these 2 hours, that I felt like I had just run 2 miles! I couldn't pull the full tri-fecta and watch Invasion too - instead I'm going to pair that with Smallville tonight.

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